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Pilar Teaspoon

Founder + Artist

Hi, I'm Pilar Teaspoon, the passionate founder of The Boho Glo. I am originally from Cleveland, Ohio (GO CAVS!) and now based in Los Angeles, my love for beauty and fashion led me to create a business focused on sunless tanning, permanent jewelry, and inclusivity.

With a decade of experience in makeup, esthetics, and sunless tanning, I'm a triple-certified expert committed to catering to diverse skin tones. I noticed a lack of options and representation for people of color in sunless tanning and set out to change that, creating a space where everyone feels seen and celebrated.

I developed a proprietary tanning solution that provides a natural-looking tan while nourishing the skin with incredible and unique ingredients. My innovative approach to what a spray tan business could be, also led me to introduce permanent jewelry. This allowed me to seamlessly combine my two loves…fashion and beauty for a unique client experience….once a fashion girlie….always a fashion girlie am I right haha!

Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of working with both celebrities, events and my incredible clients, allowing my to have invaluable knowledge and expertise. At the core of my business is a commitment to creating a safe, welcoming environment where clients feel valued. My personal and professional values focus on kindness, understanding and reminding people how bad ass they truly are!

The Boho Glo is more than just a sunless tanning and permanent jewelry business—it's a reflection of my dedication to making the beauty industry more inclusive and accessible. With my passion and purpose driving me forward, I hope to inspire others to embrace who they are and to never, EVER forget how damn fire that they truly are✨

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